Background: Besides malaria and schistosomiasis, Entamoeba histolytica the most important sources of illness and death in humans worldwide. The prevalence of E. histolytica in Basra province has received little research and it is critical in Basra city to identify and manage the risk factors connected to the parasite.

Aims: The objective of this research is to provide insight into the prevalence of amoebiasis among patients who attended Al-Zubair General Hospital during period 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Procedure: For the purpose of to detect and diagnose E. histolytica infection, (2,145) stool samples from patients attending Al-Zubair General Hospital in Basra province/ Iraq were randomly collected between January 2020 and December 2022, direct smear microscopy in normal saline was used to evaluate the samples.

Results: According to the current study's findings, overall incidences of infection were 47 %. The rate of infection varied by age group with the less than one year group seeing the greatest occurrence, the study found that 43% of males and 56% of females were infected, the statistical analysis's findings also showed that significant variations in infection rates were observed with the E. histolytica infection throughout the year, December had the greatest infection with rate (67%).

Conclusions: E. histolytica incidence among peoples in Basra province, Iraq, is higher, and this parasite may have impact on morbidity in these populations E. histolytica had a high frequency and unique presentation by disproportionately affecting infants under 1 year olds than other groups.